By implementing your service catalogue in vFire you're able to take advantage of a sophisticated business automation platform which allows you to fully automate the workflows that kick off when services are requested. Advantages include:

  • portal integration: the vFire portal automatically displays services to customers, eliminating the need for development of a separate web portal
  • workflow automation: when a customer makes a request via the vFire portal, automated workflows activate sending tasks required for request fulfilment to officers
  • full integration into the CMDB, incident, problem and change management: individual CIs can be linked to the Services they support, making impact analysis much more service focused

How to build a Service Catalogue: Lida's approach

Building an automated Service Catalogue is a multidisciplinary enterprise drawing from many areas - including design, usability, marketing, organizational change, business analysis and software development.

Lida has developed a uniquely technical approach to service design, with a strong focus on business development and IT factors. We feel that typical approaches to service catalogue development move too slowly, placing too much emphasis on designing and documenting a comprehensive solution, and too little upon actual implementation.

Our methodology moves very quickly from a rapid but comprehensive design to development. It's important to get results quickly, and learn what works. Service Catalogues are not supposed to be static - they should evolve over time as customer needs change so our emphasis is on getting things live as quickly as possible, and modifying based on real world feedback.