Lida consultants are ITIL qualified to "Masters" level. We are highly experienced in ITIL process design, service catalogue development, change management and support metrics.

Our end-to-end approach delivers the same services of dedicated ITIL Consultancies, but with Lida you get the technical skills too.

We don't just design and document - we build the solution.

Automate your ITIL processes to keep staff focused

Whether you're introducing ITIL for the first time or expanding upon an existing implementation, you are introducing a number of new processes. Success relies upon staff understanding and following those processes.

vFire allows you to implement ITIL processes into automated workflows, reducing cognitive load on staff so they can focus on service and troubleshooting rather than the complexities of ITIL best practise.

Features we can leverage in vFire in ITIL implementations include:

  • IPK workflow rules can automate incident routing based on incident type, origin, customer and a host of other factors, removing the need for manual call routing
  • Service Level Agreements are integrated with incident management, providing officers with automate alerts as breaches / escalations are imminent
  • Change Management is automated via vFire's world-class business automation system, and integrated with incident and problem management to make raising change requests seamless and simple
  • A fully featured Federated CMDB capable of integrating with a range of discovery tools
  • A KCS compliant Knowledge Management module allows for the creation and maintenance of an IT Knowledge Base with minimal impact on staff time and effort
  • Standard ITIL reports covering the entire range of processes are available out of the box