Configuration Management has traditionally been one of the most difficult elements of IT Service Management. Beyond the initial challenges associated with defining and mapping the IT infrastructure, then implementing that mapping into a CMDB, the database must be maintained long term.

In many (most?) cases this is an unrealistic expectation, and CMDBs quickly become outdated and effectively useless.

CMDB External Connectors

vFire's Federated CMDB resolves these issues by drawing from multiple sources, such as external repositories and network monitoring tools, to create a single coherent picture. Through smart integration and configuration it is possible to keep the CMDB in sync with reality.

With this technology Configuration Management moves out of the realm of ITIL theory - it's actually doable.

Lida Connectors

vFire provides an out of the box connector interface, with standard connectors for common sources, such as Microsoft Active Directory and SCCM, CSV files and SQL based sources.

In addition, Lida has connector solutions for toolsets used by our clients (e.g. Flexera FNMP, and BMC ADDM). We are happy to work with our clients to develop connectors for practically any data source.

Federated CMDB